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At Olinger Coaching we LOVE what we do!
We are a multi-faceted approach to Self Help, Self Love, Self improvement and Self Motivation.
We coach amazing clients who come to us from every walk of life.

Franki Olinger, coaches and empowers her students, coaching clients and retreat attendees using her unique coaching program The Five V's - based on her book The Five V's: A Guide to Empowerment and Happiness; Written by A Modern Day Spiritual Warrior.

Surviving child abuse and witnessing her ex boyfriend shooting himself in front of her - and battling with addiction has empowered her with experiences that allow her to connect to those who are stuck in their own pain and suffering in an authentic and powerful way.

Franki & her hand chosen team of coaches create amazing life coaching adventures and programs, tailor made for each client or group of clients... Franki and her coaches guide her students, clients & attendees through personalized and unique coaching done in a way it never has been done before. There are all levels of coaching and options available... including One on one coaching adventures, one on one  & group retreats, group workshops, one on one personal coaching, recovery coaching, Ho'oponopono healing, Infinite Possibilities training & coaching using amazing teachings & tools of Mike Dooley from the movie The Secret, Recovery support coaching & recovery coaching alternatives... the list goes on and on.

Contact us today to learn more. Coach with Franki Olinger and the team of Olinger Coaching.

Franki and her team of amazing coaches bring coaching to a new level... we coach in many different areas, like Life Coaching, Success Coaching, Empowerment Coaching, Recovery Coaching, Addiction Coaching, Law of Attraction Coaching, NLP Coaching, Ho'oponopono Coaching, The Five V's Coaching, Self-Esteem, body issues, self-love, Spiritual / Spirituality Coaching and so much more.

We offer one on one coaching as well as Zoom coaching and Destination / Adventure coaching. We support sober lifestyles and create wonderful recovery and rehab alternatives which foster successful sobriety and recovery.

Franki brings over 23 years of continuous recovery to the table and has found a way to work with clients who have not been able to find true success... her coaching really works.

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