My Name Is Franki Olinger - I Am The Owner & Head Coach of Olinger Coaching and  I Coach From Experience... a lot of experience.

"I was abused as a child. I watched my boyfriend shoot himself after I broke up with him. I struggled with sleep problems, PTSD, addiction.  I needed a way to live again... rather than just survive. In finding my way out - I also created a path for others to follow. THIS IS NOT JUST MY PATH... THIS IS OUR PATH." 


• Author of The Five V's: A Guide to Empowerment & Love; Written by A Modern Day Spiritual Warrior

• Creator of The Five V's Empowerment Coaching Process

• Author of The Modern Day Spiritual Warriors Handbook

• Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner

• Certified Life Success Coach

• Certified HeartMath Institute Trainer

• Certified "Infinite Possibilities" Trainer

• Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

• Over 23 Years of Recovery Mentoring & Coaching

• Spiritual Teacher

• Over 23 Years in Recovery

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Since youth, Franki was no stranger to tragedy.
Abused as a child, watching a boyfriend shoot himself in front of her after breaking up with him, addiction and low self-esteem were all working against her. she had a choice to make. Will she be a Victim of others actions? Or will she choose to find the beauty in tragedy?
Fast forward in time and explore with Franki the Five V's - A Guide to Empowerment & Happiness; Written with Love by a Modern Day Spiritual Warrior. For the first time in print, Franki brings her story, along with her Five V's process to the general public. Franki masterfully explains a new path to recognizing and navigating the Victim / Villain cycle; identifying your inner dialogue and beliefs and whether these are currently serving you, or sabotaging you.
Suffering is not mandatory in life, using the Five V's, you can discover where your True Truths have been Victimized and altered. Journey with Franki; and learn to own your greatness and find empowerment & REAL happiness by being Vested in "The True Truth" about this world, your value and life's potential.

" “I was an extremely successful guy in the financial industry from a young age. I thought I had it all. The only problem was that I wasn’t happy. I worked with Franki for one year. During our time together, she really opened my eyes to the true meaning of success as well as the methodology to achieve actual success .  I can happily tell you that working with Franki was the best money I’ve ever spent!”"

- Gary Day, Investor / Entrepeneur

Your best life awaits

Coach with me now to create a beautiful, empowered and happy life!

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