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For over 20 years, I have been coaching and teaching spirituality out of my home as well as amazing locations across the globe. I have always wanted to make a way for this information to be accessible to as many people as possible. Now I feel I have found a solution. With offering a membership, anyone can come in and commune with me as well as other "like minded Spiritual Warriors" and share concepts & ideas, learn & explore enlightenment & empowerment in our personal as well as spiritual life. I have created a special area of this website dedicated to us. I will offer many perks along the way too, such as: 

- Periodic Workshops 

- Spiritual, Health & Personal Growth Challenges

- Coaching Videos

- The Modern Day Spiritual Warrior Community 

- Spiritual Teaching & Learning Group(s) weekly

- Gift Retreats for Random Participants (airfare not included)

I want to make a community where we are growing towards enlightenment for not only ourselves, but for our world. Together we can accomplish such a precious future for all we encounter. 

Your $5 also goes to help us to maintain and keep this site and content up and running. 

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