$2750 USD

* I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this page as follows. 

• There is NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS provided on this retreat. We request all who attend to be of sober mind and spirit for the duration. 

• I release and hold harmless Olinger Coaching and all of their employees and contractors from any liability or issues arising from my attendance in this workshop and all of the extracurricular activities.

• I understand that some of the places we may visit are "Sacred Grounds" and so I will need to be respectful of the cultural expectations of the islands. *These will be explained upon arising. Please bring the spirit of Aloha with you on this trip.

• I agree that I am liable for my action and my safety and if I do not feel comfortable taking part in an event or activity - it is my responsibility to let the facilitators, coaches and teachers know immediately.

• I agree that I am in fit mental, emotional and physical condition. I understand that I have chosen to participate in a workshop which may challenge my viewpoints in spiritual, physical, emotional and mental issues.

• I agree to have an open mind and participate for full benefits of all of the events and workshops as each part of the experience will work together as a whole. I realize that my lodgings are on a first come, first served basis and I will have my room assigned to me according to needs of the staff.

• I understand that I am liable for anything I damage while I attend the workshop.

• I understand that no promises are made and that my benefits from this event will rest solely on me and my choices and participation level. 

• I understand that it is my responsibility to speak up if I have any special needs before the retreat so the staff can accommodate my needs. If I find myself with special needs after the retreat has started, I may be solely responsible for taking care of such needs as staff may be busy running the event.

• I understand some rooms are double occupancy, including sharing a bed.

• I understand that travel to and from the airport may not be provided - it may be in my best interest to rent transportation if I want to go outside the property.

• I understand that Dinner will be provided at the discretion of the staff and chef - If I do not want the dinner served, it is my right to go elsewhere and get a meal off site. 

• I understand this payment includes ONLY 1) The Retreat Admission 2) Bed / Lodging 3) Dinner ... 4) Any extra curricular activities which are experienced. 

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2021 NYE Manifestation Ceremony (Private Ceremony this Year)


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What you'll get:

  • Exclusive Access to Retreat
  • Healing Sessions 
  • The BEST Manifestation Ceremonies We Do


Please note: The cost includes your room & attendance. Due to limited availability, there are no refunds. If you cannot attend, you may transfer your seat to another person for a small fee. DOES NOT INCLUDE AIRFARE.

What People Are Saying:

“The way that you worked with all of us, connecting us to Source & to each other was masterful. Thank you for so many different experiences. Thank you for healing my heart - I had no idea I was signing up for so much more than a manifesting ceremony. I feel alive and abundant and grateful! Thank you Franki! ”


“I just wanted to update you. I think this worked a little too fast and too well! I can't handle the amount of abundance I am bringing into my business. I am going to have to hire someone today. haha You are an incredible woman Franki. Thank you for all that you do. ”


“Every single year this just gets better and better! Thank you Franki and staff for your incredible attention to detail and how much time you clearly put into this years retreat in Joshua Tree to make sure that each persons manifestations were specifically addressed. I felt like each of us were priority #1. PS. It took 3 days to manifest my car and the new job. I guess you were right when you said that Group Manifestations are way more powerful! I can't wait for next year! ”