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Franki Olinger - Coach

A soulful & adventurous coach. I'd like to think of myself as more than a coach... I am a Modern Day Spiritual Warrior - A Professional Adventurer & A Life Changer! And I remind every single one of my clients that they were born to be the same!

• Author & Creator of The Five V's • Certified CORE Success & Life Coach • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist • Certified Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner • Certified Advanced Wellness Coach • Member of IBCP (International Board of Coaches & Practitioners) • Certified "Infinite Possibilities" Trainer (Mike Dooley, The Secret Movie) • Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner (Joe Vitale, The Secret Movie) • Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner • Certified Advanced Sacred Freedom Technique Practitioner • 24+ Years in Addiction Recovery • Advanced Spiritual Teacher & Trainer • HeartMath Institute Resilience Trainer  • Clairsentient 

Coach With Franki

Jenson Olinger - Certified LS & Five V's Coach

I enjoy passing along life skills and supporting our coaching clients. Whether we are on a Zoom session, or in person on a retreat - the clients fill me with purpose and light my soul on fire! 

• Certified CORE Success & Life Coach • Certified "The Five V's" Coach • Over 13 Years of Personal Addiction Recovery

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Kimberly Russell - Certified LS & Five V's Coach

I love coaching! I love creating... and I love that I get to do them both with passion and purpose as a member of the Olinger Coaching team.

Coach With Kimberly

Hayden Moser - Coach

At one time I was a coaching client, and that was awesome. But then I attended one of the Olinger Coaching retreats - and that was a game changer. I expressed to Franki that I was not living my purpose, and that I truly wanted to become a coach. So a mentorship ensued and today I am coaching along side a team of powerhouses, living in my Vested truth and passing it on to our coaching clients.

Coach With Hayden