Here are some of the amazing humans I have been fortunate enough to have co-created or coached with over the years along with their testimonials. 


“I was an extremely successful guy in the financial industry from a young age. I thought I had it all. The only problem was that I wasn’t happy. I worked with Franki for one year. During our time together, she really opened my eyes to the true meaning of success as well as the methodology to achieve actual success .  I can happily tell you that working with Franki was the best money I’ve ever spent!”

Katie M., 

"I was suicidal, hopeless and completely defeated. I was a chronic relapser, I’ve been doing the same thing over and over again for 4 years. I was desperate... 
This experience was the most impactful, life changing experience. I received a gift that is internally priceless. The gift to accept myself, to be content in self, learn to love myself first, find my internal truth, find my voice, I’ve learned to stand up for myself and recovery, become a respectful and respected woman, set healthy boundaries, develop a strong support network, become empowered, kept accountable, work a solid 12 Step program, to get uncomfortable because that’s where the growth happens, I’ve learned to just be, I’ve learned how to relax and developed coping skills that work with my individuality, Codependency recovery, I’ve learned the power of my thoughts and how to rewire/ change my thinking, I’ve learned the abundance of being who I truly am, learned how to have healthy relationships, I’ve learned value of myself and others, I’ve learned how to release the past, I’ve learned to open up, I learned how to not allow my emotions to control me and my life, I’ve learned how to do life again (get a job, have healthy relationships with friends and family, have a healthy relationship with a significant other, self care, boundary setting, to make the most out of what I have, to practice gratitude, balance, to reach out to my support network whom my life coach guided me too, stress managing etc...) and most of all I learned what I thought I lost... to be happy again. If it wasn’t for this incredibly, beautiful enlightened woman opening up her heart to me, I would not be here today.🌱
This woman, Franki Olinger saved my life."

Don Jose Ruiz, Author / Shaman

One of the most inspirational people I have met in my life is Franki. She has overcome the darkness in her life by opening her heart to witness her full potential. With her light and her love, she has rescued the “love of her life” which is herself.


Like a Phoenix, she has been resurrected in life, finding the strength in herself to overcome anything life throws at her.  With that act of love being applied, she shares that love now with other people. People who are looking for love and light, looking to overcome their dark paths and leave their pasts behind them with healing and grow to the understanding that their perception of the darkness is not real anymore.
Franki teaches others to resurrect their life by using her teachings of The Five V’s, which are the medicine that she used to heal herself and give her the strength to change her life. With full support of her beautiful heart she has now created a community of love and transformation all around her. Franki has made her way by helping the ones who have fallen into self-sabotage and the addiction to substances, knowing that there is an addiction which is much deeper than substances and self-sabotage. That is an addiction to suffering, and in that world, no one believes that they can overcome that way of life. But Franki is living proof that it can be done now.
She has this beautiful gift that she gives the world. Her words and her heart are laid out on the pages of this book. Sharing with others her own medicine of The Five V’s to heal and resurrect the love of their lives.  Teaching others to enjoy the rest of their lives in this beautiful world.
I am very honored to write this foreword for a woman that I respect and admire. A woman that I call my sister. We work for the same boss, and her story is a very powerful story. One that is what made her a woman of power that in my tradition we call a True Naguala (shaman, medicine woman). It is my joy to know that her teachings of The Five V’s are now in your presence.
All my love, respect & gratitude…
Don Jose Ruiz
Author, Shaman

Corey R., Vice President, Vinea Consulting


"I have had the privilege of working closely with Franki for over 5 years and when asked if I would provide a few words about her coaching style and teaching method — I didn’t even think twice. I am of the belief system that people are capable of achieving anything they want with hard work, dedication and practice at their craft. With that being said I also believe that people deep down in their core, due to their circumstance, their upbringing, their skillset and their soul have the perfect combination of traits to be the very best at something should they ever be lucky enough to find what that is. Franki found hers.  Prior to working with Franki, I wasn’t a believer. I wasn’t a believer in the 5 V’s, of her coaching or to be brutally honest, I wasn’t a believer in myself.  It wasn’t until I sat down with her for the first time that I realized how wrong I truly was. She has mastered her craft and I truly believe was put on this earth to fill the role of a teacher and instructor of self-love. I’d say my life has completely changed, but that would sound so cliché and unauthentic. But the facts are these; after doing some coaching with Franki, the way that I view life has changed, the way that I view what I am capable of has changed and the way that I view myself has drastically changed and for that, I’ll always be indebted to Franki."


Corey Richman

Vice President

Vinea Consulting, LLC

Sarah C., Spiritual Teacher & Breathworks Instructor

"Working with Franki has been nothing short of a miracle. When I met her, I was scared, defeated, confused and completely lost. What I admire about Franki’s work the most is that she doesn’t hold my hand and force me to drink from the water. She has taught me how to connect to the enchanted waters in my heart space through self-love. Through being aware of my thought process. Franki demonstrates through action what this work does and gives me permission to be my best self and follow suit. Connecting with the 5 V’s has liberated me in a way words cannot possibly describe. Having a map of my ongoing patterns has allowed for me to break free. But what do I do with that freedom? Within the 5 V’s I’ve been given that path to freedom. Mapping out my patterns with Victim and Villain has made me aware of the situations I’ve been continuously putting myself in unconsciously. Running around in circles and confused as to how I even got here. Moving into the visceral portion I can identify that all of this is a lie. I am not a victim nor am I a villain. I have to be truly vulnerable with myself and others to identify when I’m moving into these patterns. Lastly comes vested. With all this new information I who am I now? What kind of woman do I want to be? Franki helped me decipher how I want to conduct myself in this world. What do I want to invest in? What matters to me? In place of all these things who do I want to be? Well, through these V’s I’ve discovered I’m Vested in empowerment. I’m Vested in peace. I’m Vested in connecting to humanity. I’m Vested in creativity. I’m Vested in freedom. I’m Vested in my journey as a woman moving back into her soul. I’m Vested in this work. I’m so grateful for Franki and all of her dedication to setting her fellows truly free through loving awareness. "


With Love,

Sarah Chasteen

Spiritual Teacher / Breath Works Instructor

Andy Dooley

"The last time I saw Franki speak on stage she shared her heart and soul. She inspires everyone with her stories and insights and of course the audience gave her a standing ovation. If you have not met Franki yet, your time is now. Get ready to discover your personal power and allow her to guide you into your deepest truth so you can activate your full potential! BUYEAH!"


Andy Dooley

Author, Coach, Motivator

Regena Garrepy

"I’ve had the honor of working alongside Franki as a group facilitator at the Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer event (2018) with Mike Dooley as well as hiring her to speak at that event. As the director of training, I worked closely with her and observed her gift for seeing others and igniting their potential. As a speaker, she held and moved the room with the power of her story, her illuminating wisdom and magnetism. Her heart and passion to empower others is palpable in every conversation and speech. She’s an inspiring teacher, speaker and facilitator and we were blessed to have her talent and integrity grace our event."


Regena Schwarz Garrepy

Creatrix at Regena Garrepy, LLC

IP Director of Training / Mike Dooley

Jason L., Director of Compliance - National Laboratory Firm

"There are no words in modern language to describe this woman. She has completely changed my life from damaged and blindly walking through this world, to healing and finding my greatness. I mean, I named my daughter after the woman!!! As a 6’4 250lb man raised in a military family, Ive been very good at keeping people out ... Franki is the only person who not only was brave enough to push me but wise enough to find the real me. Pure Love."

Costas V.

Hi, my name is Costas Vasilakis. I am a 28 year-old man originally from Connecticut. I originally moved out to California in search of sobriety and a stable/supportive recovery community. Having had recently come off of a homeless episode of daily meth and heroin use, I was in desperate need of some help and support which I found immediately found in the recovery community of OC California.

Within that community I met Franki. Throughout our brief interactions, I noticed that she was a bit different. Different in the sense that her daily interactions were truly genuine as well as her all around positive vibe and aura. Shortly after these initial interactions, she came up to me one night and invited me to her spirituality-based meetings she held at her home stating “I think you would be perfect for these meetings”. Initially I was nervous to attend but having been directed to explore personal growth by the people who have walked the road of sobriety before me, I accepted the invite. I can honestly say that the recovery community in OC has saved my life however, NOTHING has transformed my life and perception/approach to life in the way that The Five V’s and Franki’s Coaching Group which she calls “The Tribe of Elephants” has.

The name derives from the simple fact that elephants by nature will surround sick or injured members of the pact to protect them and ensure safety and recovery from said injury or illness. This is first and foremost exactly what I found here. With that group environment being established, Franki has successfully been able to transform the lives of myself and many others with The Five V’s and other Spiritual concepts she coaches others in.

Franki has taught me many things such as the law of attraction and manifestation. Naturally being slightly skeptical to these concepts and practices, I was quickly convinced otherwise by Frankis ability to lead by example. This quickly allowed me to buy in to the truth. Through this group, I have found a family and through this group I have found a new and genuine excitement for life. First and foremost, she has taught me to believe that my dreams are already a reality and that my biggest obstacle is my confidence and belief in their manifestation. She has taught me how to remove agreements and conditioning I have acquired throughout my life and replace them with agreements that serve my greater purpose. She has taught me how to show up for other and more importantly, how to show up for myself.

One thing I have found extremely beneficial from her method of coaching and teaching is not only her educational knowledge, but her exercises and “challenges” she gives us. Throughout these exercises and challenges I have witnessed in my own life as well as others, financial growth after financial growth. Relationship growth after relationship growth. Personal growth after personal growth and a countless amount of amazing adventures in throughout. “Why not you?!” she replies when I question my dreams and aspirations. “Because I love you is why I am going to tell you the truth right now. Not just what you want to hear” she says when my perception is standing in the way of my greater/higher self. She always challenges us with one goal and intention in mind, to bring out who we really are at the core of everything and allow us to unleash our greatest form of self. Our truest form of self. I am without a doubt convinced today that Franki was supposed to enter my life when she did, and I feel truly blessed and grateful that she did and that I have been gifted this opportunity for growth and personal exploration.

To anyone who is hesitant or questioning whether or not they should explore the concepts and practices I have learned from Franki and the Tribe of elephants, I urge you to jump in with an open mind. It is truly transformative in the greatest of ways and to anyone who has the opportunity to work directly with Franki, I strongly urge you to take that opportunity. Between my relationship with her as well as her husband Jenson who has mentored me through some of the most confusing as well as exciting times of my life, I have found not only a home, but a complete change and shift in perception of my approach to life. This has truly allowed me to “live” in the truest sense of the word and for that Franki, I say “Thank you”.

Costas Vasilakis