The Five V's: A Guide to Empowerment & Happiness; Written with Love by A Modern Day Spiritual Warrior

Author: Franki Olinger


What are "The Five V's"

The Five V's are a process I have created and use to coach people out of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs or any other harmful thinking patterns and habits to learn Empowerment, Happiness & The True Truth about their value, purpose & experiences in life. 

Our thoughts are not only habitual, but in many cases, automatic, impulsive & sometimes compulsive. Using The Five V's process, we are able to investigate and re-wire the neural pathways in the brain which are causing problems in our lives. In other words, negative or sabotaging thoughts, actions, reactions, etc. can be changed. Positive & successful actions, habits & thoughts can be newly created - or expanded upon. I have been able to help people with decades of self-sabotage & pain find happiness & empowerment again. 

This process can be applied to any type of goals. (please see testimonials page)

The Five V's: 

V1) VICTIM: With my clients, we recognize where their beliefs, self-esteem or life experiences have landed in the role of the Victim. We look at the evidence which supports the new thought patterns created by these experiences and create new goals for their inner thoughts. 


V2) VILLAIN: With my clients, we now recognize where we may have played the role of sabotaging our own, or other peoples happiness. We look at the "true truth" about ourselves, our goals in life, and what our value is. What do we want to bring to this world? We set goals based upon these assignments. 


V3) VISCERAL: "Connecting to our naturally present Intuition which creates Our Inner Truth Test." In this phase, we dissect our Visceral dialogue (the inner feeling of truth & authenticity, the messages our body is sending us) which is ALWAYS present in our bodies. We learn to connect to our intuition, inner voice & identify when there is something 'off.' We learn to use this Visceral messaging system to help us to find better thoughts, actions or beliefs. We create future life goals based on these assignments & sessions.


V4) VULNERABLE: In this phase of coaching, we explore where we are, or are not willing to be vulnerable. When did the Vulnerability we were born with stop? The true meaning of being Vulnerable is investigated. We learn to be open to new experiences, goals, successes and thinking. We learn together what it means for the client to be truly alive again. We create timelines and goals to support this process. 


V5) VESTED: In this phase of coaching, the client is asked to really take a good look at where they are Vested in life, or where they are just "invested" at the moment. We were born with Vested truths, which were at times challenged, or changed completely. The client is challenged with questions like: "Is this YOUR truth, or just a truth you were given by someone else?" "What is YOUR truth about _____?" "Who are you really?" "What goals have you set in life that you haven't pursued?" "What changed your pursuit of these goals?" "What is it you truly want from / in life?" "How will you get there now?" By this time, we have created some new beliefs & thoughts about their life. 


I have coached millionaires, actors, addicts, college students, homeless, and almost every other walk of life. This process has been a life changer for all who have been brave enough to look at their lives from an entirely different angle and put the work in. 

I wrote a book to reach those who could not coach with me whether it be for distance or other reasons. The book took 5 years to finish and I am so grateful to all who were a part of the process. 

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If you are a coach or other type of practitioner and are interested in being "Five V's Certified" please feel free to contact Olinger Coaching directly to find out how.

Who is Franki Olinger? 

Since youth, Franki was no stranger to tragedy. Abused as a child, watching a boyfriend shoot himself in front of her after breaking up with him, addiction and low self-esteem were all working against her. she had a choice to make. Will she be a Victim of others actions? Or will she choose to find the beauty in tragedy? Fast forward in time and explore with Franki the Five V's - A Guide to Empowerment & Happiness; Written with Love by a Modern Day Spiritual Warrior. For the first time in print, Franki brings her story, along with her Five V's process to the general public. Franki masterfully explains a new path to recognizing and navigating the Victim / Villain cycle; identifying your inner dialogue and beliefs and whether these are currently serving you, or sabotaging you. Suffering is not mandatory in life, using the Five V's, you can discover where your True Truths have been Victimized and altered. Journey with Franki; and learn to own your greatness and find empowerment & REAL happiness by being Vested in "The True Truth" about this world, your value and life's potential.